Lakeside Love: 5 Tips for Planning a Waterfront Wedding

Sharing a first kiss by a beautiful lake backdrop is enough to make any heart float, but choosing a romantic location is the easy part. Entering the nitty gritty wedding planning stage is where the worries start to surface. What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? How do you choose a theme? Will your guests actually enjoy themselves? While many pre-wedding worries are simply mind games (of course your guests will love the big day), others are worth some extra pondering.  Prepare like a pro with our top tips for planning a wedding by the water.

5 Tips for Wading Through a Waterfront Wedding

Have a Backup Rain Plan

Wedding day superstitions aside, we can agree that weather is a fickle friend and you don’t know which card you’ll be dealt. Even if the rain comes down, your waterfront wedding is far from a washout if you plan in advance with a tent or indoor space to fall back on. Rain showers also give you the excuse to accessorize with an umbrella and rain boots that match the wedding colors (and double as adorable wedding photo props).

Choose an Easy, Breezy Wedding Style

From windy conditions to unsteady surfaces, outdoor weddings call for their own kind of style guide. Choose a hairstyle that will stay put (and out of your face) during a breezy day by the water. The same goes for loose or lightweight wedding decor. Batten down the hatches and keep those DIY wedding signs secured. Most importantly, a bride needs to get around the wedding space gracefully — a tough feat to pull off when grass and heels are involved. Invest in Sole Mates heel protectors to take each step down the aisle confidently.

Get Creative With Guest Comfort

Keeping your guests comfy is far from waterfront wedding specific, but there are a few extra details to consider when saying “I do” lakeside. After all, you can’t turn the AC up outdoors on a hot summer day (and the tempting blue water doesn’t help matters). Provide wedding ceremony programs that double as fans for and have a beverage station stocked and ready prior to the vow exchange. Not having to wait to get a refreshing sip of water, lemonade, or iced tea can make all the difference.

Opt for Outdoor Games

Don’t let all that beach or lawn space go to waste during the cocktail hour — bring wedding-style lawn games to keep everyone entertained (and distracted) while the wedding party is away. Between giant Jenga, tic tac toe, and cornhole, your guests will be so preoccupied you may even be able to steal of few more minutes to make sure every picture is captured perfectly.

Embrace the Location

If you’ve always dreamed of a waterfront wedding, don’t stop at the location choice — incorporate it into your theme. Use boat oars for decorative signage and show off your fresh catch by pinning your photos to a fishing net. Play up the waterfront theme with wedding favor sunglasses accompanied by a clever catchphrase like “Don’t be blinded by our love.” Finally, do away with table numbers in exchange for titles that reflect the area, like the names of Lake Winnipesaukee islands.

Now that you’re armed with tips to splash past any waterfront wedding woes, it’s time to make this wedding of your dreams a reality. From ceremony setup to guest accommodation, let our wedding specialists help you plan a special day that’s guaranteed to make waves.

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