Romantic Getaway 101: Our Top Tips for a Memorable Trip

Take it from us — a vacation in New Hampshire has the goods to make your most romantic memories to date. But first, you’ll have to plan a getaway worthy of those flashbacks. Between location, timing, and thoughtful add-ons, these tips make planning a romantic getaway as easy as falling in love with the one you’re sharing it with.

Take Your Love on the Road: Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway


Book a Special Package

Want to streamline the planning process (and maybe grab a few extra goodies while you’re at it)? Scout around for a special offer or package. From spa experiences to champagne and dining deals, picking the right package can wrap up a ton of details for you.

Time It Right

If your idea of romance relies on privacy over socializing, plan your getaway accordingly. Some of the most romantic places in the world become a little less spellbinding if it’s impossible to get any quality time for two. Consider cuddling up to the sight of snow-covered lakefront during a winter trip or choose a midweek retreat to maximize your alone time.

Pick the Right Room

Of course, the time of year you travel may not be flexible if you’re celebrating a special occasion, like an anniversary. If your destination is in-demand when you want to visit, put extra care into picking a room that caters to your romantic cravings. For instance, here at Mill Falls, couples looking to earn top privacy points will find our intimate lakefront lodges extra attractive.

Try a New Activity Together

Finding common ground may be the first ingredient of romance, but finding uncommon ground later on can freshen the flame. Are you and your beau brand new to the world of skiing? Have you yet to challenge your balance on a stand-up paddleboard? Make your romantic getaway even more memorable by trying a new activity together for the first time. Whether it leads to the start of a shared hobby or remains an experience you look back on and laugh about, it’ll only strengthen your connection.

Add an Element of Surprise

Even if the getaway itself isn’t a surprise, you still have plenty of opportunities to play the mystery card. Sneak a gift into your special someone’s luggage that hints at your New Hampshire adventures, like a bathing suit for a post-spa day hot tub dip or a nice outfit for a pending dinner date. You and your partner can both claim a day during the getaway that you get to plan in secret, or you can both stay surprised by embracing spontaneity — ask our front desk for recommendations and discover your itinerary together on-the-go.

Promise to Unplug

Nothing brings romance to a screeching halt quite like too much screen time. Your newsfeed will always be there to explore, but this getaway has a time limit from the moment you step through the door. Set a rule that you’ll only be face-to-face with your phone at the end of the day, for emergencies, or for photo ops (have someone snap a photo for you aboard the Miss Meredith or at one of the nearby mountain trails!).

Whether planning a romantic getaway comes naturally or you need a hand to hold along the way (proverbial, of course), choosing a hotel that speaks your love language makes all the difference. When you bring your romance to Mill Falls at the Lake we’ll make sure you leave with an experience that makes your heart skip like a rock across Lake Winnipesaukee.

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