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Wow ‘Em Before You Vow ‘Em: A Mill Falls Spa Guide for Brides

Like an artist setting up shop beside a blank canvas, a bride facing a wedding either has a clear vision in mind or is left wondering where to even begin. You may have a laundry list of decoration details to nail down, but one appearance that shouldn’t be a head-scratcher is your own. Keep these tips from our Mill Falls spa in mind and follow the muses of hair and makeup for a wedding day look fit for framing.

Mill Falls Spa Guide for Brides: 5 Tips From Our New Hampshire Spa

Hairdresser tightening ribbon on bridal hairstyleDon’t Hide Your Wedding Hair Pinterest Board

So, you’ve been secretly saving images of your dream wedding since long before you were a bride to-be. It’s nothing to be ashamed of — and your hair trial is the last place you’ll want to hide that stash of hairspiration. Don’t worry about overwhelming a stylist with multiple options, as this will actually help them make suggestions about what fits you and your vision the best.

Bring Your Veil and Accessories to the Trial

Just like wedding dress shopping, the veil brings the full picture into complete focus during your trial. Whether you’re donning a floor-length veil, tiara, or vibrant flower crown, don’t skip the opportunity to really set your sights on the complete look. After all, you’ll be getting ready to walk down the aisle the next time you see yourself this way.

Press Pause on the Spray Tan Beforehand

No matter what that voice in your head says, don’t squeeze in one more trip to the salon just before the big event. Give yourself a 48 hour window between your last spray tan and the wedding day so you can catch and correct any mishaps. Streaks or dark spots stealing the spotlight from you and that backless dress is the last thing you want after making your grand entrance.

Skip the Shampoo to Have and Hold Your Hairstyle

Nixing shampoo the morning of your wedding day isn’t as scary as it sounds. Yes, freshly washed hair is soft and shiny, but it won’t do you any favors if you want it to hold a curl. If you can’t bring yourself to cross this beauty ritual off your morning to-do list, add a mousse or gel before you blow dry to give your hair some grip and texture.

Save the Date in Advance

If you fall in love during your trial, don’t let them get away. The weekend availability for hair and makeup stylists fills up fast, especially during peak wedding season, so be sure to put this task towards the top of your planning list. To ensure your preferred pamperer is available on your big day, make your appointment at least 6 months in advance.

From bachelorette party facials to helping your soon-to-be-spouse relax with a wedding morning massage, our spa is there for brides every step of the way. Stop by Cascade Spa during your next visit to Mill Falls and see why it’s a favorite for brides saying “I do” during a wedding by the lake.

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