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CARABACCIA BUNDLES Ultra-caramelized balsamic onion bundled in thin pasta sheets and flash-fried. Served with sherry jus, thyme croutons and melted Gruyère. 10.

ANTIPASTO Chef’s selection of artisanal charcuterie, Old World cheeses, crostini and select accompaniments. 15. for 2 ❙ 24. for 4 Let us suggest a flight of wine to go with your Antipasto!

BRUSCHETTA & BURRATA Fresh burrata, marinated tomatoes, prosciutto, and lemon-dressed arugula with balsamic glaze and truffle salt. 13.

MEATBALLS House-made beef and sausage meatballs, marinara and ricotta mousse. 10.

SKILLET MUSSELS PEI mussels steamed with garlic, spinach, teardrop tomatoes, horseradish and spicy Italian sausage. Served with grilled ciabatta wedges. 12.

CALAMARI Crispy calamari, artichoke hearts, cherry peppers, olives and lemon basil aioli. 12.

CARPACCIO PRIMAVERA* Seared beef tenderloin with Bibb lettuce and a blend of tabbouleh, avocado, cherry tomatoes, corn and pearl onions. Chive crème fraiche, spiced panko, matchstick potatoes. 14.

TUNA TARTARE* Ahi tuna, avocado mousse, chili oil, sesame-balsamic reduction, pasta crisps and spicy aioli. 15.

HOUSE-MADE PRETZELS Garlic and rosemary-infused pretzels and provolone fondue. 9.


MARGHERITA FLAT Oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, EVOO and basil. 13.

BÁNH MÌ FLAT Vietnamese braised pork, pickled vegetables, lemon grass, chili aioli, mozzarella and cilantro. 14.

TAPAS FLAT Roasted red pepper hummus, kalamata olives, artichokes, balsamic roasted onions, zucchini, feta and Parmesan. 15.


ARUGULA Arugula, field greens, balsamic vinaigrette, Gorgonzola and candied pecans. 8.

CAESAR Romaine, traditional dressing, focaccia croutons, Parmesan and anchovies. 8.

MAKE IT A MEAL Chicken 5. ❙ Salmon* 9. ❙ Shrimp 9.


ORECCHIETTE SAUSAGE BROCCOLINI Italian sausage, orecchiette, garlic broccolini, chiles, lemon, butter and Asiago cheese. 18. BOLOGNESE Northern Italian meat sauce tossed with fresh pappardelle. 21.

LOBSTER RAVIOLI Maine squid ink lobster ravioli, blistered tomatoes, asparagus, lemon butter sauce and house-pickled shrimp. 29.

ALFREDO Penne and Parmesan cream sauce. 16. With chicken. 19. ❙ With shrimp. 24.

SUMMER GNOCCHI House-made gnocchi, garlic lemon sauce, lardons, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, Parmesan cheese and truffles. 18


NY STRIP* Grilled sirloin, pan jus and herbed vinaigrette. Parmesan truffle fries and a stuffed roasted tomato. 35.

SHORT RIBS Balsamic and tomato-braised short ribs with herbed Parmesan mashed potatoes. 27.

OLIVE PORK* Pan-roasted and olive-stuffed pork tenderloin, heirloom carrots, spinach-studded baba ghanoush, chorizo vinaigrette and olive beetroot tapenade. 26.

SCALLOPS Pan-seared with charred baby-bell peppers, garlic snap peas and chorizo vinaigrette. Fried polenta. 32.

SALMON* Mango and chili-glazed, oven-roasted salmon, curried couscous, avocado yogurt drizzle and wasabi pea dust. 25.

MEATLOAF Prosciutto-wrapped bison meatloaf, herbed Parmesan mashed potatoes and pan jus. 24.

PICCATA Chicken breast, garlic, capers, fresh lemon, butter and linguine served with sautéed carrots and green beans. 19.

CHICKEN MILANESE Panko-crusted chicken breast with arugula, peaches, red onion, green beans, goat cheese, hard-boiled egg, sweet potato chips, bacon lardons, waffle croutons and maple Dijon vinaigrette. 21.

MARSALA Statler chicken breast braised with Marsala, mushrooms, cipollini onions, prosciutto and mascarpone. Served on a bed of gnocchi. 24.

PARMESAN Pan-fried chicken breast, marinara, mozzarella and Parmesan over linguine. 21.

EGGPLANT Pan-fried, roasted vegetables with mozzarella, tomato sauce and turned zucchini “pasta.” 18.


General Manager, Jennifer Mars w Chef, Anthony Bomba

Gluten-free pasta available on request.
Meat Temperatures: rare – red, cold center; medium rare – red, warm center; medium – pink, warm center with no pink edges; medium well – pink warm center, grey to edges; well – grey.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase the risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.