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Business is Better at the Lake: A Peek at Mill Falls as a Meeting Space

If you want everyone to take your next company convention seriously, then stuffing them into a fluorescent-lit conference room isn’t the best way to get the ball rolling. Whether you’re seeking a meeting space to use during a small teamwide retreat or for a giant board meeting, here are a few reasons to direct those RSVP’s to Mill Falls at the Lake.

On the Agenda: 5 Reasons to Choose Mill Falls for Your Meeting Space

1. We Know One Size Doesn’t Fit All

With four properties to pick from, did you think we’d only offer one main meeting space? Mill Falls can hold up to 300 guests total and offers up more than 14,000 square feet of space across 21 different function rooms. So whether you’ve got a colossal conference in mind or a more intimate company luncheon, we’ve got the perfect fit waiting to welcome your crew.

2. Our Team is Your Team

It may seem manageable on paper, but single-handedly planning a corporate event without a professional can quickly leave you feeling like the substitute ringleader of a circus. The show (not to mention, your meeting) must go on, and we have a team of experienced coordinators on hand to help you keep all the details in check from the day you book to the after-event cleanup.

3. There’s No Fuss About Food

A few subpar plates can make or break an otherwise successful retreat. Enlisting Mill Falls as your meeting space, though, means a food faux pas is the least of your worries. We can coordinate catering on or off the property and offer up a selection of delectable dining menus to please everyone from the brunch-happy bunch and beyond.

4. We’re Equipped with Convenient Equipment

We’ve all been there. No matter how many times you check your bags to make sure everything is accounted for, something always manages to break away from the briefcase. When you hold your meeting at Mill Falls, you can lighten the load of your luggage and your mind with our selection of presentation equipment — we’ve got everything from dry erase boards to wireless microphones. Bring your laptops and notepads and leave most of the technical details to us.

5. We’re Scenic, But Not Secluded

We happen to strike just the right balance between the comforts of home and the wonders of the wild here at Mill Falls. Once the meeting agenda wraps up, your group won’t be short on ways to embrace the Meredith area’s great outdoors and indoors. Our Marketplace is only a stroll away for shopaholics, while the outdoorsy crew can take advantage of direct lake access and end the day on the docks.

Whether you’re thinking along the lines of an intimate gathering or door-stopping retreat, Mill Falls has a meeting space to meet your requirements. Tell us a bit about your upcoming event and we’ll help you start preparing your meeting at the lake.

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