A Cyclist’s Introduction to the Best Biking Routes Around Meredith, N.H.

There’s nothing like a long stretch of pavement to get a cyclist excited. Whether you’re pedaling past the first spring blooms or the last leg of fall foliage, the biking routes around Meredith, N.H., hold an ever changing view of our Granite State. If you’ve got two wheels and a wide open afternoon, start exploring the area with these scenic routes.

4 Scenic Biking Routes Around Meredith, N.H.

Two cyclists riding down a dirt biking route.

1. The WOW Trail (Laconia to Belmont)

Three water views in one bike ride? Wow. Views of Lake Winnipesaukee, Opechee Bay, and Lake Winnisquam helped coin the WOW Trail’s name and treats bikers to a refreshing ride through town centers as it connects Laconia to Belmont’s Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail. At 10-feet wide, you can easily share the paved pathway with a friend or fellow bikers and runners. The trail holds much to admire in the form of murals, public art, and mountain views, making it more than just a convenient way to get some quick pedaling in.

2. Winnipesaukee River Trail (Franklin to Tilton)

Historical remnants from the paper industry meet biking bliss on the 5-mile Winnipesaukee River Trail that runs from Franklin to Tilton. The trail’s mix of asphalt and crushed stone is easy to ride and enjoyed by all, from bikers and hikers to walkers with tail-wagging accomplices. About half a mile from the Trestle View Park trailhead, keep an eye out for the Sulphite Bridge (or “Upside Down Covered Bridge”) a now-historic landmark that once allowed trains to cross the river along its top rather than through its center. Make a pitstop as you pass through the town of Tilton to indulge in lunch or a quick treat from places like Tilton Snacks and Wraps or Pauli’s Bakery & Restaurant.

3. Cotton Valley Rail-Trail (Wolfeboro to Wakefield)

Want a longer biking route? Tackle the Cotton Valley Rail-Trail for a 12 mile ride, connecting the vacation destination of Wolfeboro with the quaint town of Wakefield. The trail winds its way toward scenic straightaways and crosses over lake basins on causeways, so set aside plenty of time to take in the sights and snap a picture or two. If you commit to the full trail, your journey ends at a small park in Wakefield where you’ll glimpse a refurbished Old Boston and Maine Railroad Turntable, bringing the repurposed rail-trail ride full circle.

4. Road Ride Around Meredith Bay

Want to go for a spin closer to your vacation homebase? Set off from the EKAL Activity Center right next door to Mill Falls. The folks at the center can share a series of road rides for all levels of dedication, from easy 3 mile jaunts to 18 mile country road adventures or the fastest spin to a swim. No matter your pedaling preference, they’ve got you covered from tailored recommendations to rentals.

You may love the endorphin-pumping feeling of new trails, but we’ll bet post-pedaling relaxation comes in close second. Rest your weary legs with a soak in one of our indoor/outdoor pools and you’ll cycle back around for another day of play by the lake in no time.

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