Barrel Tasting Weekend Kicks off the Good Libations Tour

The Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the 2016 Good Libations Tour opening the weekend of September 30th – October 2nd. This annual event, formerly known as Barrel Tasting Weekend, not only features local wines and meads, but now also includes beers, ciders, and spirits crafted in the Lakes Region and throughout New Hampshire. And this year, the weekend is just the beginning. The Good Libations Tour will last until the end of next summer!

“We have partnered with Hermit Woods Winery to take Barrel Tasting Weekend to a whole new level this year, creating New Hampshire’s Good Libations Tour! With a total of eleven participating crafters, this tour will kick off with an Opening Weekend Tour that will continue to be available all year long,” announced Karmen Gifford, Lakes Region Chamber President. “These local entrepreneurs make a large impact on our economy, creating jobs and attracting visitors. We are proud to support these artisans, the products they craft and the unique experiences they offer. The Good Libations Tour is part of an emerging ‘tasting tourism,’ or sometimes referred to as gastro-tourism or enotourism. It’s all about the experience!”

“The Chamber is a great partner to help build such a large region-wide event,” said Bob Manley of Hermit Woods Winery, who for several years organized Barrel Tasting Weekend. “Over the past several years the popularity of craft distilleries, breweries, and cideries has been taking off, so when planning this year’s event we thought how fun it would be to include all the craft beverages in the tour. It makes for a much more dynamic event and satisfies a much wider array of palate.”

During Opening Weekend, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the facilities, taste the libations, and meet the crafters. A Passport Map is available at each participating location for $25, which includes a tote bag and three commemorative tasting glasses—a wine glass, beer glass, and spirits glass—as your “ticket” to all participating facilities over the course of the opening weekend. Turn in your Passport Map with stamped proof of your visits at any location to win prizes. There is no charge to participate in the Annual Passport Program, with the exception of what each individual facility may charge for tastings and tours. Visit all 11 participants over the course of the year and again be eligible for more prizes!

Participating crafters include Sap House Meadery, Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Co., Gilmanton Winery, Hermit Woods Winery, Whippletree Winery, Coffin Cellars, Seven Birches Winery, Canterbury Aleworks, Cold Garden Spirits, Tamworth Distilling, and Big Water Brewery.

Bob at Hermit Woods says he is excited about the opportunity for tour guests to be introduced to all the wonderful new craft beverages being created throughout the area, as well as the ability to create a passport program that will guide people to these places all year long.

However, Bob wants all visitors to be safe while tasting libations. “Drive carefully out there, everyone,” he says. “We don’t serve enough alcohol at any one place to be concerned about consuming too much, but given people will be visiting multiple places in one day, we want people to be smart and safe about it. Please get a designated driver.”

For more information on the Good Libations Tour and Opening Weekend, visit or call 603-524-5531.

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Carrie Reed
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