Concord, N.H. State Building

Make a Day of It: 5 Things to Do in Concord, N.H.

Listen, we know you’re curious. With the Capital City just under an hour from our front doors, not only do we understand the temptation of a Concord day trip — we encourage it! Whether you’re checking off state capitals on your travel bucket list or simply want a change of scenery during your Granite State getaway, look into these things to do in Concord, N.H. and begin planning your day trip.

Things to Do in Concord, New Hampshire During a Day Trip


1. Visit the New Hampshire State House

History buffs, want the chance to say you’ve walked the halls of the oldest continuously occupied statehouse in the country? Then add the gold-domed New Hampshire State House to your list of quick visits in the Concord area. Jump into a guided tour or pick up a brochure from the Visitor Center to explore the historic halls and rooms at your own pace. Impressively preserved displays like the Hall of Flags, which houses 115 tattered banners that date all the way back to the Civil War, earn the state building a well-deserved spot on any New Hampshire itinerary.

2. Tour the Home of President Franklin Pierce

For another trip down history lane, pay a visit to Pierce Manse: former home to Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States. The home-turned-museum hosts many original belongings of the Pierce family, with knowledgeable tour guides to help you step back into the mid-19th century effortlessly. In fact, just as impressive as the museum itself is the dedication of the community members who saved the home from demolition, relocated it, and still maintain it today.

3. Head for the Hills at Carter Hill Orchard

If you’re looking to add the perfect snacking spot to your Concord, N.H. day trip., consider Carter Hill Orchard the apple of your itinerary. The family-owned farm has been in operation as an orchard since the 1700s, and the fun is ripe for the picking even outside of apple season — forage for blueberries and peaches during the summer and add raspberries to the must-pick list for fall. You’ll glimpse more than seven New Hampshire mountains from the property, which you can enjoy year-round with outdoor activities like hiking or snowshoeing on a number of public trails.

4. Flex Your Thriftiness at the Concord Antique Gallery

If recovering riches of the past is your type of treasure hunt, you very well may strike gold at the Concord Antiques Gallery. Open seven days a week, the building hosts over 150 booths to create a melting pot for all things antique, vintage, collective, and nostalgic. Fresh finds are constantly filtering through, so be sure to pay a visit every time you’re in the area to comb through a new collection of timeless trinkets.

5. Flock to the Susan N. McLane Audubon Center

Just because you’re visiting a state capitol doesn’t mean you have to give up spending some quality time with the wilderness in a Granite State forest. The Susan N. McLane Audubon Center is a beautiful choice to enjoy a nature walk, with two trails that bring hikers along the edge of Great Turkey Pond (perfect for watching water and woodland birds). If you don’t happen to glimpse any feathered friends on your stroll, just head to the center’s live animal exhibit to visit with a Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, or Screech Owl.

After you’ve had your day’s worth of exploration, swap out the capital city scenery and reclaim that front row seat by the lake. If you’d like even more recommendations for things to do in Concord, N.H. and the surrounding area, don’t by shy — consider us your one-stop resource for all the Granite State sights you can squeeze into your stay.

Photo: Concord, N.H. State House, made of marble sourced right here in Concord. Art Poskanzer (CC BY 2.0)

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