Less Planning, More Dancing: 5 Reasons You Deserve a Ballroom Wedding

You’re in love, you’re engaged, and you want to have a fabulous wedding. Simple, right? With the right venue and help, it can be. More than just a fairytale setting, choosing a ballroom simplifies and solves the most common stressors that come with planning your special day. Between professional assistance, package deals, and a dreamlike backdrop, planning a ballroom wedding at Mill Falls makes it easy to cut your cake and waltz into married life with ease.

Less Planning, More Dancing: 5 Reasons You Deserve a Ballroom Wedding

You Let the Pros Work Their Magic

Unless you’re a wedding planner or a really good friend, you’ve probably never gotten a look at the multitude of details that make wedding dreams a reality. Our dedicated wedding team shields you from getting bogged down in these details, so you can focus on getting married, rather than attempting a master’s degree in table settings. And it’s not just the wedding planners who are there to help. When your cousin wants to know where to get breakfast in town, he can ask the local experts at the front desk.

All Your Favorite People Are in One Place

If you’re having a full wedding weekend with loved ones from far away, you’d probably prefer they weren’t sprinkled throughout room blocks across town. Mill Falls is the ideal one-stop option for your guest accommodations as well as rehearsal dinner, reception, and next-day brunch. Plus, with the reception and rooms at the same location, you can go ahead and skip hiring the expensive shuttle system and quit worrying about how early your great aunt Lisa wants to go to bed.

It’s Completely Customizable

Ballrooms are designed with weddings in mind, and are infinitely customizable to your tastes. That means instead of looking for a caterer one place and tablecloth rentals another, all the details are at the ready, whether your wedding is for 23 people or 230. Tables, linens, dishes, and dinner can all be chosen from an extensive set of options, so you can get ready with your friends at the spa instead of asking them to help set up chairs. For the details that must be outsourced, like flowers or photography, we keep a steady list of recommendations for companies that already know the ins and outs of your venue of choice.

Your Photo Ops are Endless (and Pretty as a Picture)

The Gazebo at Church Landing

One thing’s for sure, you never have to sacrifice beauty at any point of a Mill Falls wedding. We’re situated on a gorgeous lake, with docks, gazebos, gardens and lawns for beautiful first look or outdoor ceremonies. Once the party heads indoors, the dazzling ballrooms at Chase House and Church Landing will sweep your guests off their feet (and keep the photographer’s camera shutter snapping all night long).

You Save Money for What Matters

You deserve everything on your special day, but we understand that for many, a wedding is a big expense. Taking advantage of packages and discounts, like our Serenity Season wedding special, ensures you get the classic, fairytale feeling you’ve always dreamed of, at a price point you’re comfortable with.

Picturing your champagne toast beneath a magnificent chandelier? If a ballroom wedding at Mill Falls feels right for you, get in touch with one of our wedding professionals and let’s start planning your happily ever after.

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