5 Reasons We’re Married to the Idea of Winter Weddings

Lakes and snowmen don’t typically appear side-by-side when daydreaming about the day you say “I do,” but don’t be too quick to shelve the idea. Between a picturesque winterscape and savvy specials, we’ve got a few reasons to warm up to the notion of a winter wedding at the lake.

5 Reasons to Say “I Do” to a Winter Wedding in Meredith


1. You’ll Stress Over Less

Every soon-to-be-newlywed knows that stress RSVPs to every wedding, but some of the major seasonal stressors can be avoided during the winter. For starters, there’s less competition, so that dream venue or photographer you had your eye on is twice as likely to become a reality. Plus, couples preparing to exchange outdoor “I do’s” will spend the weeks prior worrying about raindrops, whereas a winter wedding is spent tucked away from Mother Nature’s weatherly whims. If the snow does decide to fall on the big day, those flakes will foster a fairytale setting.

2. The Wedding Photos Are Extra Romantic

Speaking of surprise snowflakes, just imagine how overjoyed your photographer will be. Winter weddings open the shutter to a slew of new photo opportunities. A step outdoors puts you in the midst of striking scenery covered in a blanket of snow or a layer of glimmering ice. If you set your date during the holiday season, you’ll even have built-in outdoor decor to add a festive glow to your backdrop.

3. The Difference is in the Details

Ever get the feeling that every wedding you attend is one in the same? From the decor to the menu, planning a winter wedding keeps guests guessing simply because it’s different. You can pepper the menu with comfort foods, mulled wine, and hot cocoa cocktails. Bold, lesser-seen color schemes like bold reds or metallics become options that only fit a winter setting. Plus, if you favor the rustic and cozy vibe, those fireplaces aren’t just for show when the air outside is frosty.

4. There’s a Wedding Weekend Activity for Every Guest

Don’t let the frigid temperatures fool you — your guests are in good hands during a winter wedding in Meredith. Before or after the big event, guests can take in the scenery by snowshoe or ice skate, sip samples at our local winery, browse storefronts at the Mill Falls Marketplace, or simply curl up with a book by a crackling fire in one of our lobbies.

5. ‘Tis the Season of Savings

One of the universally-appreciated advantages of a wedding in the winter (or Serenity Season, as it’s referred to around here) is lessening the burden on your bank account. Price points for venue spaces, rentals, and photographers tend to dip along with the temperatures — turning those out-of-reach vendors into budget-friendly options. At Mill Falls, we offer our winter wedding couples discounts on everything from ballroom rental fees to hair and makeup at Cascade Spa & Salon.

Do you share our love of wedding gown and snowflake pairings? See if we’re the perfect match for your special moment and learn more about holding your winter wedding at Mill Falls at the Lake.

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