For Curious Minds: 5 New Hampshire Museums to Visit

Gone are the days of museums living solely on rainy day itineraries. Sure, they’re a saving grace when fighting fickle weather, but around here museums deserve love rain or shine. Be it an outdoor nature center or a lesson in local history, visit these New Hampshire museums to get a new glimpse of your favorite vacation spot.

Pique Your Interest at These 5 Informative New Hampshire Museums

1. Squam Lakes Natural Science Center (Holderness, N.H.)

Take a peek at a mountain lion’s massive paws or marvel at mountain views aboard a lake cruise — Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has everything a nature lover craves. Since 1966, the outdoor center has paired acres of meadows, forest, and lakefront with educational programs, leaving visitors with a new appreciation of New Hampshire’s natural wonders.

2. Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm (Tamworth, N.H.)

Before the CVS pharmacy days, medicines were mixed and hand-delivered to you. At the Remick Country Doctor Museum (one of three in the United States) visitors step into the lifestyle and career of door-to-door doctoring on a 200+ year old homestead and working farm. Whether you prefer learning through listening, hands-on workshops, or even tasting farm-to-table fare, this rural living museum keeps a calendar full of experiences to make every visit as fresh as the first.

3. Canterbury Shaker Village (Canterbury, N.H.)

The 200-year legacy of the Canterbury Shakers is alive and thriving at the Canterbury Shaker Village. A must-visit for architectural admirers, the site is home to 29 Shaker buildings (25 restored originals and 4 reconstructed) set on an expansive 694 acres of conservation land. Exhibit buildings, craftsman demonstrations, shopping, and on-site dining await on a guided or self-guided tour of the village.  

4. Wright Museum of WWII (Wolfeboro, N.H.)

If you weren’t already a World War II buff before entering the Wright Museum doors, you may become one by the time you walk out. Through an impressive collection of relics, this New Hampshire museum captures what it was like living and serving during the WWII era. Stand face-to-face with wartime tanks and trucks alongside unbelievable photographs for a new understanding and appreciation of all who serve.

5. The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center (Concord, N.H.)

Get your head out of the clouds? The goal is quite the opposite at The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. From astronomy to the awes of modern aviation, this space-centric museum has entertaining exhibits and experiences for curious minds of all ages. Don’t pass up a chance to size up real rockets, peer into a giant telescope, or gaze up at a full-dome planetarium show.

After dipping your mind into the pools of knowledge at these New Hampshire museums, we suggest mulling over your musings at Mill Falls with dinner or a dip in one of our own pools. After all, with so many opportunities to exercise your mind, it’s nice to know there’s a restful spot to reflect nearby.

Photo: The Canterbury Shaker Meetinghouse in Canterbury, N.H. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

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